//9 Watt 2G11 8.8 Inch PLL LED 4-Pin Retrofit Tube

9 Watt 2G11 8.8 Inch PLL LED 4-Pin Retrofit Tube

  • Ultra Efficient – 116 lumens per watt guarantees a brightly lit area while using the most efficient ratio of light-to-power.
  • Bright & Crisp Light

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3BL LED is proud to offer our new line of direct wire 4-pin 2G11 LED PLL tubes. This line is perfect for retrofitting and replacing old push-in twin tube biax PLL CFL’s that contain mercury and hazardous gases. This series carries high quality specifications with over 100 lumens per watt, 80 CRI, vibration and impact resistant, a 50,000+ hour rating, 5 year warranty and 100-277V multi-volt for versatile applications. When choosing which 2G11 LED to order, match the length of your old CFL and know the LED wattage will be about half the CFL wattage. Dimmable and 90 CRI options are available, contact 3BL LED for a quote and lead time. For installation simply remove the old lamp and ballast system and wire the circuit directly to the socket. LED Lamp Certifications

Lumens Per Watt
Year Warranty

Here you can find the CFL PLL Equivalent chart for many different manufacturers. The wattage is about double our LED 2G11 lamps so you’ll see about 50% energy savings when retrofitting these part numbers! If you don’t see the specific sku in the list, anything close to or similar will perform the same.

Philips Sylvania GE Lighting
927903008270 MASTER PL-L 18W/827/4P FT18DL/830 F18BX/SPX30 16649
927903008370 MASTER PL-L 18W/830/4P FT18DL/835 F18BX/SPX35 16053
927903008431 MASTER PL-L 18W/840/4P FT18DL/841 F18BX/SPX41 16940
927903086572 MASTER PL-L 18W/865/4P FT18DL/830/RS F18BX/SPX30/RS 17174
927903108321 PL-L 18W/830/4P FT18DL/835/RS F18BX/SPX35/RS 17175
927903108421 PL-L 18W/841/4P FT18DL/841/RS F18BX/SPX41/RS 17176
927903183521 PL-L 18W/835/4P 20587 FT18DL/835/ECO F18BX/SPX50/RS
927903001007 PL-L 18W/10/4P 20587 FT18DL/841/ECO F18BX/SPX65/RS 12521
927903004007 TUV PL-L 18W/4P 20595 FT18DL/830/RS/ECO
20595 FT18DL/835/RS/ECO
20595 FT18DL/841/RS/ECO

Eiko WAC Lighting Bulbrite
DT18/30/RS PLL18W-27 504512 FT18/830
DT18/35/RS PLL18W-30 504513 FT18/835
DT18/41/RS PLL18W-41 504514 FT18/841
DT18/50/RS PLL18W-50 504515 FT18/850

Halco PLT Plusrite
109700 PLL18/835/ECO FT18DL/830/ECO 4306 FTL18/2G11/830
109702 PLL18/841/ECO PL-L18W/TUV 4307 FTL18/2G11/830/L
DT18/41/RS PLL18W-41 4308 FTL18/2G11/835

Product Specifications

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13.0000 × 2.0000 × 1.5000 in
Kelvin/Color Temperature

9 Watt