11 Watt PL LED Vertical Direct Wire Lamp


3BL LED is proud to offer our new line of high quality direct wire PL LED Lamps. This PLV series carries over 90 lumens per watt, 83 CRI, a 50,000+ hour rating, 5 year warranty and 100-277V multi-volt for versatile applications. Perfect for retrofitting and replacing old CFL's that contain mercury and hazardous gases.

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  • Ultra Efficient – 107 lumens per watt guarantees a brightly lit area while using the most efficient ratio of light-to-power.
  • Bright & Crisp Light – LED technology produces crisp, clean, high quality light.
  • No UV Emission- Exposure to UV emission can damage painted surfaces, artwork and fabrics over time making these UV free LED's popular in all applications.
  • Instant On and Flicker-Free – Instant illumination with no flickering or buzzing.
  • Versatile Installation – Perfect for retrofitting and replacing old CFL’s that contain mercury and hazardous gases. Operates at 100-277 Volts.
  • Eliminate Maintenance Costs and Labor – With a 50,000+ hour rated life and no bulbs to change, you won't have to do anything for a long time!

Lumens Per Watt
Year Warranty



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