//New LED RPK Plate Retrofit Kit Product Line Launched and Now In Stock

Denver, CO – October 18, 2016 – 3bl LED now has in stock its latest line of LED retrofit kits ranging from 30 watts to 480 watts, in 100-277 volt or high 347-480 voltage configurations for any metal halide, high pressure sodium, low pressure sodium, or mercury vapor replacement.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-7-43-28-amWith the shift to energy efficiency and LED’s now, these kits are a great option for affordably changing out your old lighting systems while still using the same fixture (if it’s in good condition). Having the diodes on only one side means that the light output is ultra-efficient because it points in one direction and virtually eliminates the old reflector. In the end this means that the area is brighter, along with using less wattage overall. This is particularly ideal for many indoor and outdoor areas like parking lots, street lights, building wall exteriors, gas station canopies, indoor high bays/warehouse applications, and more. Basically any fixture where the light is pointed in one direction.


In addition, these kits have some features like none other on the market. They have three options for dimmability, along with a LED protector that dims the module automatically if it starts getting too hot. Heat is the enemy of LED’s and these kits mitigate that by themselves, which saves them from failure and helps them to last longer. All kits also include one or two oversized, high CFM cooling fans to make sure the kit stays cool while operational.

With each kit we include a swivel mounting bracket that attaches to the diode plate module, along with a mogul base socket adapter, so you can screw it into the old socket or drill it into the old fixture/reflector. This provides a versatile way to easily install and aim the LED’s in any direction you want from within the fixture.

Wattages range from 30 watts all the way to 480 watts for any type of HID replacement application, and configurations are available for 347-480 high voltage as well!

All kits feature these major specifications:

  • DLC QPL listed for qualified utility and government rebates.
  • Over 100+ lumens/watt in each kit.
  • UL listed
  • Dimmable with three dimming options – 3-in-1 1-10V DC, PWM, and resistor option.
  • LED protector that auto-dims the unit if it gets to hot to save it.
  • 138 CFM heavy-duty cooling fan on all modules.
  • Available in 4100K, 5000K, 57000K color temperatures.
  • Includes a complimentary swivel mounting bracket that attaches to the existing mogul base socket for easy install.
  • 60,000+ rated lifetime hours vs. 10,000 of the old HID systems when retrofitted.
  • Includes a 5 year warranty.
  • Stocked in Denver, Colorado.
  • Save over 70% energy when replacing equivalent light output HID systems.

If you have an existing HID system to retrofit, here are the exact kits you need to match the current brightness in typical applications, though typically when going with a new pure-white 5000K Kelvin temperature, the light usually appears much brighter to the human high.

Pick Your Existing Metal Halide/HID/HPS wattage here –

100-277 Volt Versions –

70-100 Watt HID – 30 Watt LED RPK | 45 Watt LED RPK (brighter)
150 Watt HID – 60 Watt LED RPK
175-200 Watt HID – 80 Watt LED RPK | 100 Watt LED RPK (brighter)
250-320 Watt HID – 120 Watt LED RPK
400 Watt HID – 150 Watt LED RPK
750 Watt HID – 240 Watt LED RPK
1000 Watt HID – 320 Watt LED RPK | 370 Watt LED RPK (brighter)
1500 Watt HID – 480 Watt LED RPK

347-480 Volt Versions –

100-150 Watt HID – 65 Watt LED RPK 480V
175-250 Watt HID – 100 Watt LED RPK 480V
400 Watt HID – 150 Watt LED RPK 480V
750 Watt HID – 200 Watt LED RPK 480V
1000 Watt HID – 300 Watt LED RPK 480V
1500 Watt HID – 450 Watt LED RPK 480V

If you have questions or inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us!

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