//3bl LED Retrofits Denver Stock Show and Rodeo Replacing 400 Watt HID’s

We recently stopped by the Denver Stock Show & Rodeo to check out the progress on a retrofit project we’re helping with. The city-owned property is in the middle of a huge retrofit project, replacing thousands of old T12 and metal halide lighting fixtures and moving over to all LED. The rebate amount alone is over $600,000 for the whole project!

120 Watt 3bl LED CornPart of the retrofit includes retrofitting an arena where old 400 watt HID/metal halide fixtures hang from the ceiling. With the old ballast the fixtures actually draw about 458 watts. At about a 20 foot mounting height, our 120 watt LED retrofit corn lamps were perfect for a replacement in terms of brightness and energy savings.

If you check out the above picture, you can see the four fixtures in the middle turned on with these lamps installed. The light is very bright and crisp, and even better, the energy savings is 72%! The fixtures surround the center four are still the old 400 watt HID, for comparison.

150 Watt 3bl LED High Bay Light Fixture JPGWe also are helping to replace a total of 47 400 watt HID fixtures in the center of the arena. These are hung on 1/2 rigid conduit and we are using the fully new sealed 150 Watt LED UFO style fixture as a replacement. The new fixture is incredibly bright with over 18,000 lumens and a 5000K daylight-white color output. The savings on these fixtures is 67% and it appears 40-50% brighter! You can see the picture below with the fixture on the right being the new 150 Watt LED, and the one on the left is still the old 400 watt metal halide. Install also took less than 10 minutes per fixture.

150 Watt LED UFO Style High Bay - DLC Listed

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